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We at Nayantara Shipping Private Limited, strongly believe that to serve our public, is to serve our nation, and this very objective forms the overall essence of our entire business model. We are in the business of providing high-speed passenger vessel services and for us to achieve our unique goal of providing high-speed service whilst ensuring compliance with all the relevant international safety measures prescribed by the International Maritime Organization and the Indian Register of Shipping, we are launching a first of its kind “Catamaran” vessel this year. The vessel is being manufactured in Goa by Mandovi Shipyard.

Once built, our Catamaran would be 26 m in length and could operate at a speed of 24.5-25 knots while maintaining a draft of fewer than 1.5 meters at all times. Our Catamaran would be catering to 200 passengers.


At present, there are no Catamarans, or such services being rendered by any operator/owner in India. Instead, we have bulky and outdated vessels, struggling to achieve even 10 knots. Thus, our Catamaran is unique in itself as it would be the very first domestically manufactured high-speed catamaran, which would be catering to you all.

Our goal is to start simple but to revolutionize the way you travel.